Phases of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase 1- Begins in the hospital when you initially have a cardiac event.

Phase 2 – Continues in the hospital and when you’re discharged home.

Phase 3 – Begins approx. 6 weeks after your event, and is a hospital based programme that you attend in the physiotherapy out patients department.

Phase 4 – Is a community based programme to help you to continue to overcome your risk factors and to continue exercising in a structured class. Phase 4 is a maintenance journey for life. Phase 4 is what we offer at Fit for Me. You are welcome to join us for one night or continue to work with us for the rest of you life. We have clients with us that started in 2011, remain as dedicated today (Feb. 2017) as they did on their first week.


”I have found the classes very beneficial in my recovery. I find the pace of training, the excellent tutors, and exercising with like minded people most rewarding. I highly recommend it”

62 year old female (after a Heart Attack and Stents)